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Through out the ages, trade fairs have been recognized as one of the most efficient and powerful tools for effectively doing business. As a face-to-face meeting point, fairs and exhibitions are basically a target opportunity for achieving your trade objectives. They are a cost-effective means to reach your market audience - in one time and in one place.

Trade shows are known to have a high return/expense ratio. An EEAA (Exhibition Association of Australia) survey showed that an average expenditure of 9% of companies' marketing budgets in trade far events resulted in a return of 23% of business.

CEIR studies have shown that:

  • 76% of exhibition attendees arrive with an agenda;
  • 48% of exhibition leads don't require a sales call to close the deal;
  • Exhibition leads cost 56% less to close than field sales calls;
  • 87% of exhibition attendees say they will share information obtained at exhibitions with their immediate superiors.


"Trade shows are an important marketing link to our customers today - more so than ever before. This can be attributed to the dynamics of the business economy, which continues to fuel downsizing throughout the industry; creating attendees who go to events with a strategic basic mission: to answer the age-old question 'How can I grow my business?' As exhibitors, we must be prepared to answer that question with clean, uncluttered messages and recommendations."
Jerome A. Gaither, Manager, Tradeshows and Conventions, The Coca-Cola Company

"The exhibition industry in Singapore contributes some S$1.13 billion to the Singapore economy, and has a spin-off contributing factor of 11.8 for other related industries. It has started its recovery from its recent setback in 2001, and will continue to grow with the general economic recovery of Singapore and Asia."
Stephen Tan, Chief Executive, Singapore Exhibition Services Pte Ltd, Singapore.

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