ICT Award

Objectives of the "UFI ICT Award" competition

  • To reward, the best exhibition industry initiatives connected to ICT as they are related to the current competition theme.
  • To give exhibition professionals the opportunity to exchange interesting and innovative ideas, concepts, techniques and knowledge to related ICT issues.
  • To honour those in the exhibition industry who have successfully implemented creative and results-oriented initiatives.

IFEMA Madrid wins 2009 UFI ICT Award

The competition was stiff for the 2009 UFI ICT Award. After a pre-selection from among the 13 entries made by the UFI ICT Committee, the finalists made presentations on this year’s topic “Best Innovative Web-Applications for Exhibitors” to the participants at the UFI Focus Meeting in Madrid. The four finalists, Evenium (France), IFEMA (Spain), IMEX (Germany) and VNU Exhibitions Europe (Netherlands), made convincing presentations. Focus Meeting participants voted resoundingly for IFEMA’s entry giving them over 40% of the vote!

The winning IFEMA “Exhibitor Area” integrates a series of services into the web-pages of their fairs that enables each exhibitor to manage their entire participation at a single, personalized point of access in real time. UFI Members may access these presentations in the Member’s area of the UFI website under presentations/Focus Meetings.

Rosa Lopez (IFEMA), Maria Martinez Garcia (IFEMA), and Marcela Lupi (IFEMA)
received the UFI ICT award from UFI ICT Committee Chair Werner Krabec.


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