Sustainable development is a complex issue requiring a structured approach in order to ensure success.  While every organisation should identify its own sustainable development objectives and create its own strategy, the guidance and experience of experts in this field can be useful to all. For this reason UFI has partnered with Positive Impact (*) to develop an online course available to organizations of all sizes.

The “8 steps to Sustainability” course provides a solid introduction to the concepts of sustainability and identifies the steps to developing a worthwhile sustainable development action plan. This eight module online course programme provides an overview of key aspects together with examples of best practices in this dynamic and complex field within the exhibition industry.   In addition to the course, all programme participants will be invited to join the “UFI Sustainability” closed LinkedIn group composed of members of the UFI Sustainable Development Committee and staff from Positive Impact who will be available to exchange ideas on issues of importance to you.

The course’s 8 modules can be accessed and completed at each participant’s convenience and time schedule.
These modules cover:
               1. Introduction to sustainability
               2. How to start
               3. Planning
               4. Issue Focus
               5. Preparing
               6. Implementing Sustainability
               7. Monitoring and Reviewing
               8. Promoting Sustainability

The full course cost is 150 £ (around 170 € and 240 US$) for UFI Members and 295 £ (around 340 € and 480 US$) for non UFI Members. UFI Members also benefit from a free introductory first module and they will receive, on completion of the course, an official certificate.

Video introduction to the course, by Paul Woodward, UFI Managing Director:

If you are interested in this course, please go to where you will find additional information and where you can then register for the full programme.  For additional information or feedback on this programme, please contact Christian Druart, Secretary of the UFI Sustainable Development Committee (

(*) Set up in 2005, Positive Impact is a not-for-profit organisation providing sustainability education to the events industry. It has a large experience and credentials in the UK and abroad.

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